The interactive model of Moscow central diameters

  • Scale: 1:8000
  • Diameter size: 3000мм

Project features:

  • Demonstration of new directions of subway trains
  • more than 40 significant objects of Moscow painted manually
  • Dynamic illumination of 2 new directions, synchronized with the movement of trains
  • Movement of 2 four-car trains according to a special algorithm, which excludes collisions
  • A built-in 24’’ display, that shows new directions in the subway.
  • Illumination of the entire model surface
  • application of stabilized moss to imitate greenery
  • creation of a multilevel terrain

This is the biggest project we have ever worked on!

In many aspects we were “pathfinders”: a spherical dome, the design of pedestals, remote elements of illumination. Emotions, creativity, teamwork and professionalism helped to implement this project in conditions of a pandemic.

Now about the model: it is located at Moscow, 20 Lesnaya str., on the 2nd floor of Depo Mall. It was ordered by the Moscow Directorate of Transport Services as the idea was to put it in the busiest place in Moscow and to demonstrate to guests new directions and stations. The spherical dome was made in several attempts, as we had not previously faced such a task, and yet it was installed, it protects now the model from dust and has a huge aesthetic component of the model! The trains run like in the subway – every 6 minutes, and the incredibly small and robust German-made running bogies of the cars is up to the task. Dynamic illumination of the train lines coincides with the color of these lines on the subway map.

It’s not a model – it’s a piece of art – come and look it up for yourself!


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