The interactive model of the theater hall of the state kremlin palace

  • Scale: 1:85
  • Dimensions: 1440 х 1440
  • Execution term: 9 weeks
  • Interactive illumination for each section/row/chair (at the discretion of a user)
  • control of illumination via touch screen display
  • Personal app for the touchscreen display, allowing viewers to see an overview of the scene from their seat
  • high detailing
  • each of the 6,000 seats has a velvet texture

The model is a three-dimensional diagram of the auditorium of the State Kremlin Palace. The function of the model is clarity and convenience in selecting an auditorium. The main secret lies in the touch screen display, which,  displays a diagram of the auditorium upon clicking with the ability to select a sector, row, and seat. When you select a seat of interest, a photo opens showing a view of the stage from that point, and at the same time the LED under the corresponding chair on the model lights up.

The chairs were made by casting, each seat has a velvet texture. Camera hangers, entrance/exit signs, lightning sets, speakers and many small details were added to make the model unique and charismatic!

Come to the Grand Box Office of the State Kremlin Palace and see it yourself!


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