The industrial model of «Blue Wave» port

  • Scale: М1:500
  • Production period: 1800*1200
  • Production period: 6 weeks
  • Price: 340000

Our designers again produced a detailed model.
We would like to bring to your attention a model of the “Blue wave” port of the city of Azov.
The purpose of this model is to present the capabilities of the “Blue Wave holding” cargo port at exhibitions and in the director’s office.
All that you see are:
8 buildings, 175 trees, 27 wagons, 164 containers, 6 bridge and 2 full gantry cranes
Base is made of ashwood and 8mm plexiglass dome

All together creates the effect of completion and moderately dense housing. The customer is satisfied, all the port’s capabilities are fully presented. The model is also equipped with four-zone illumination and a glowing company logo.
One just can imagine how the sales will increase facilitated with such a model!!!


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