Plan models

How to cover a large area with several groups of different buildings, understand their relationship with each other and their location relative to each other? The image provides information fragmentarily, the map provides an oversimplified diagram, and only a three-dimensional model will help to examine each component in maximum detail and create a clear, holistic picture from them.

Layout layouts carry the function of a 3D map (3D scheme), the main purpose of which is to determine and show the rational placement of components in a certain area, as well as their work and interaction with each other. As a rule, this category of layouts combines small and large scale, lighting of general or some elements, as well as fragments of the internal structure – when one of the objects is “cut”, showing the layout or structural part. Depending on the features and style of the object presentation, a wide variety of materials can be used – the most commonly used polystyrene 1-2 mm thick, PVC, plexiglass, PET, self-adhesive film, flock, plywood. In special cases – wire, brass, metal needles. As a rule, the layout is designed on a computer, after which the elements cut out on the machine are processed and assembled by our layout designers manually. In non-standard layouts, manual assembly can prevail, practically without using a machine.

The most striking example of a planning layout is a model of a radioactive waste storage facility for the Southern Territorial Okrug branch of FSUE RosRAO. The layout shows a general view of the point with the adjacent territory, four objects on an enlarged scale, a detailed explication. There is also a backlight in the form of four bulbs of different colors, showing different levels of radiation. Looking at this layout, the viewer sees: how objects look externally, how they are arranged, how they work, how they are called. Thus, having studied and examined the model a little, you can understand the complex mechanism of the enterprise, which was the main purpose of the layout.

Layout layouts are the best fit for industrial organizations seeking to demonstrate the capabilities of their production, urban planning firms planning city development, as well as design and architectural companies. Our workshop, with the magic hands of competent specialists, will help turn complex things into simple and understandable for everyone.