The interactive model of Plekhanov University

  • Scale: 1:150
  • Dimensions: 2800 х 1450 х 1270 mm
  • Execution term: 2 months

This first-class model was made for Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and is located in the central hall of the main building. All resources were involved to make it, and the result exceeded expectations!

Without any blueprints or models, based on my own photos of the territory, it had to be repeated:

  • All the buildings models are accomplished in maximum detail in realistic colors, showing all the decorative details (supports, window frames, fences, glazing, protrusions)
  • The model contains the roads and pavements, with markings and the designation of parking spaces,
  • street names,
  • landscaping (lawns, flowerbeds, shrubs, trees),
  • infrastructure, lights, fences, benches and fountain, checkpoints, fences, cars and people.

The control of illumination of bodies and lights is performed with a touchscreen display.

We have made a clickable 3d model and navigation menu. 3d-visualization allows us to turn on each object in the model separately, as well as go to section with a description of the object, which contains video and text information.

This application allows conducting distant excursions around the university, which, of course, will come in handy for the customer in the future.

The model is installed on a pedestal with LED illumination, and the display is attached to a special stand, which allows you to adjust the inclination.

The entire community of students and teachers at the famed university is now delighted with this model!


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