The interactive model of a petrochemical refinery

  • Scale: 1: 250
  • Dimensions: 1054 х 554 х 400 mm
  • Execution term: 3 months

One of the most complicated and interesting projects of our company!

This model was meant to go to an exhibition in Egypt, and it successfully went there without any damage.


A model of such complexity posed a challenge to both designers and model specialists. We had never before implemented such a number of slabs, trusses, and fittings! One of the features is the highlighted demonstration of the different states of raw materials. We used 8 colored threads of different diameters, soldered them, and passed them through the armature exactly the way it passes through the raw material in the real refinery. This complex and painstaking work was beautifully done!


Several modes of illumination provide night and daytime operation of the plant and we used about 100 diodes to achieve this effect. The different sectors of the plant are emphasized by the dynamic under-mounted lighting and that certainly looks good in any trade show!


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