The model of «Suvorov» residential development

  • Scale: М1:75
  • Dimensions: 1360х960х1100
  • Scale: 6 weeks
  • Price: 420000 RUR per 1 model

These two models of “Suvorov” residential development were made for the construction company “YugStroyImperial” from Krasnodar. Have look at these models, tall, modern graceful just as the real ones, you can’t tell the difference. The maximum level of detail allows you to consider all the subtleties of our model workshop team’s work: carefully traced bricks, an interesting facade and roof of the building, shop windows on the 1st floor, where mannequins in bright dresses, underground parking, which is visible through the use of plexiglass, and a lounge area on the roof attract a viewer’s attention. This model enables you to look at every detail. Surrounded by the residential complex, there are gazebos for relaxation in the yard, a playground and a green area – everything that creates coziness and comfort for life in a big city.


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