The model of “Nobel” residential development

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Dimensions: 600х800mm
  • Execution period: 4 weeks

Features of the project:

  • The model is made in strict accordance with the visualization.
  • There are three types of lighting.
  • A classic white MDF stand complements the model.

Project of a clubhouse in Novosibirsk. The model is made in the Stalin Empire style with modern materials and looks very stylish. In the unified model, much attention is paid to the arrangement of trees, because there are centuries-old pines on the construction site and the task was set to preserve them. Since the customer strictly expressed his intention not to take the initiative in landscaping, showing the most honest picture to future residents – we only showed green areas on the layout. A lot of attention was paid to lighting – there are several types of it – cold bluish lighting of lanterns, warm light of the local area, and flower beds and lighting of the building.

The model was delivered to the customer on time and now are working on the next order. The model turned out to be strict and monumental to the delight of the customer!

Designer: Ivan Biryukov


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