• Scale: М1:270
  • Dimensions: 1000х600 mm
  • Production period: 2 weeks

In our model workshop, you can order models of various types: models for exhibitions, presentations, instructional models, gift copies. Now you can see just the last option – a model of the Gorky Automobile Plant, which GAZ employees presented to their director.

The model developed at its most detailed level taking into account its scale of 1: 270. It represents the entire territory of the famous Russian plant. As you can see, in the courtyard of GAZ there is a cozy park area with a fountain and benches for recreation and rest, and all the premises are surrounded by a large number of green trees.

The belonging of the territory to the Gorky Automobile Plant is indicated by the famous logo, towering on several buildings at once. Also on the model, the workshop specialists decided to demonstrate the cars produced at the plant itself! They are lined up next to each other in the parking area.

An interesting solution in the presented gift model appeared to be s two illumination modes. In addition to the main light in all GAZ buildings, you can see two separately illuminated windows in the director’s office. So that symbolizes to employees that the directors never sleep and coordinate all work processes non-stop.
The size of the gift model of the automobile plant “GAZ” is 1000×600 mm. The results of the work are encouraging – our team created a small copy of the large holdings of the director of one of the most famous automotive works of Russia!


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