The model of construction site

  • Scale: 1:87
  • Dimensions: 520mm х 380mm

A miniature construction site as a gift for Builder’s Day to the director of a construction company. This is exactly our deal!

Project features:

  • Illumination in the form of cold light lanterns
  • illuminated traffic lights
  • a retractable part with a pipe demonstration

The model was intended as a gift to the director of the company “SoyuzDonStroy”, which is engaged in trenchless construction of networks and crossings. The model shows the construction site territory at the moment of installation of the tunneling complex shield – the crane is holding the shield on slings, about to immerse it under the ground. Part of the base slides out, showing the pipe underground. Surroundings in the form of an earth truck, workers, containers, pipes and signs create a working environment. There are several glowing lights along the perimeter of the fence, as well as a flashing traffic light. On a large billboard is a heartfelt congratulatory message. The gift pleased both the owner and us!

Designer: Pavel Nikitin


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