The model of Oleenegorsk mining and processing plant

  • Scale: hybrid
  • Dimensions: 2400х3000mm
  • Execution period: 2.5 months

Features of the project:

  • Before creating the model,, we visualized the object, and the model exactly repeats it.
  • We developed a personal branded stand made of MDF of complex shape with logo illumination.
  • Illumination in the form of warm glow lanterns is arranged in the model.
  • Part of the plant and the conveyor are displayed

The model is delivered to the beautiful city of Olenegorsk, to the plant’s museum. The customer’s existing equipment is placed on the terrain, and now it is also a presentable pedestal for the demonstration of equipment and is used in the quarry and the main objects (plant and conveyor). The relief model was done simultaneously by 5 people – we tried to harmonize the color and structure!

Designer: Belikova Svetlana


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