The model of the “Luchezarny” art-city resort complex

  • Scale: М1:100
  • Dimensions: 1300*1100*400 mm
  • Production period: 4 weeks
  • Price: 224000 RUR

The model of the resort complex is always necessary both for understanding the result by the developer and for demonstrating subsequent orders. This helps to navigate in the environment and to view the complex as an integral whole. The model turned out to be very bright, at the same time green and lively. The landscaping was fully recreated with the help of the materials issued. Lots of palm trees, green spaces, people, cars. We also introduced static lighting as a gift for this customer. Some of the windows are illuminated, which creates the feeling of a inhabited complex. The customer is satisfied, the transportation turned out to be safe as usual, and now the model is in the customer’s sales department in Sochi.


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