The model of interactive children's playground

  • Scale: 1:27
  • Dimensions: 1989х1989мм
  • Execution period: 2 months

Features of the project:

  • We developed an interactive app to allow to control the model and lighting from a touchscreen display, giving information about the enterprise and equipment.
  • The model is equipped with 21 channels of illumination (namely, all zones from the model’s underneath are illuminated separately: streetlamps and general illumination).
  • The model is notable for incredible, expertly executed detailing of the site equipment, modern branded stand with illumination.

We undertook to execute a fascinating project with fine artistic elaboration in just 2 months! The customer develops and manufactures magic equipment for playgrounds, and he needed a model for a mobile demonstration. How great it would be if there was such a miracle in every courtyard! And of course, we were happy to implement the idea to the fullest.

Designer: Ivan Biryukov


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