The model of Krasnodar airport

  • Scale: 1:220 and 1:1100
  • Dimensions: 3200х1900mm
  • Execution period: 1 month

Features of the project:

  • This model is composite; the Airport is implemented in 2 variants, since it was required to show both the general situational plan and all objects in minute detail.
  • The model is comprised of 4 modules in accordance with the general layout (stations, roads, Industrial Park and Smart City). Each block demonstrates the corresponding infrastructure and equipment (aircraft, special equipment, apron buses, trains, buses, trams, trolleybuses, trucks, and cars). More than 300 pieces of equipment in total.
  • The most realistic presentation. The detailed production of the territory determined by the general layout, demonstration of infrastructure, buildings and structures, driveways and roads, playgrounds, parking lots is provided. The granularity of layout a corresponds to Scale y and the agreed equivalents.
  • Taxiways, runways, roads, sidewalks, lawns, the lay of the land in green zones are shown. Each coating has its own height difference (similar to reality). The taxiways are illuminated, the lights are blinking according to the airfield lighting scenario.

Implemented 3 levels of the model illumination:

  1. Internal illumination of all objects with a warm glow of diodes
  2. External illumination by lanterns with a cold glow of diodes
  3. Illumination of special equipment (flashing orange mini diodes)

The model displays a perspective view of the territorial facilities of the Krasnodar International Airport. Its presentation took place at the National Airport Infrastructure Exhibition (NAIS) in February 2021. In the future, the model will be placed in the arrival (departure) area or the VIP terminal of the airport. The model was made in a short time and received a commendable video review from the customer!

Designer: Nikitin Pavel


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