The model of izhevsk airport

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Dimensions: 2500 х 1500
  • Execution term: 3 weeks

We have new models of airports in our collection of works the view of which we are very glad share! The size of the model is 4 square meters, it was accomplished with full content in just 3 weeks period! This model will be located at Izhevsk airport.


  • The model is equipped with LED illumination of lampposts and buildings from the inside (separate lighting switch on is provided)
  • We also made detailed infrastructure, buildings and structures, small architectural forms, driveways and roads, grounds and parking.
  • The model has lush, bright and versatile hand-made greenery
  • The model is imbued with models of cars, aircraft, streetlamps, fences and other elements of improvement.
  • Ramps and boarding hoses were designed and made
  • More than 200 figures of people are arranged in the model.

If you need a model of the airport – we are here for you-! Call us and we will be happy to help.


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