The model of Krasnodar (historical part)

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Dimensions: 2588 x 25880, a composite model: 9 parts 850 x 850
  • Execution term: 2,5 months

Scale model of the development of the central part of Krasnodar is completed!

The model was made for the Krasnodar “Scherbinin’s Architectural Workshop” and represents a conceptual project of reconstruction of the center of Krasnodar. The essence of the project consists in preservation of historical facades of buildings and superstructure of new modern buildings over them. Red color indicates the historical buildings, and light color – is for the new ones. The model consists of 9 parts-quarters, which are located on one large base, each part may be taken out and moved.

    • average detailing
    • 103 houses 40 to 200 mm high were assembled
    • about 800 trees were planted
    • More than 100 figures of people
    • 100 models of cars
    • 28 hands, 140 fingers, 14 heads

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