The model of “Elegant” residential development

  • Scale: М1:200
  • Dimensions: 1000 х 1830
  • Production period: 2 months

“Elegant” residential development fully justifies its name. Elite residential complex in Krasnodar attracts attention with its noble look and highly developed infrastructure.
The designer engineers and model designers of “Gosmaket” workshop implemented something what, at first glance, appeared to be impossible. Difficult, painstaking work is behind every detail of the large architectural model that is 1000×1830 mm in size. The real challenge for our specialists was the creation of roofs and loggias of a miniaturized copy of the “Elegant” residential development. The implementation of intricate geometric shape of the upper section of the living quarters in the model was challenging but very interesting task for the entire team. Nevertheless, the professionals coped with it and therefore the impeccable forms, exactly repeating the real roofs and loggias of the houses of the residential complex are in front of you too.
Here every detail was carefully considered. At a scale of 1: 200, the model shows many green spaces (both on the territory adjacent to the houses and on the balcony premises), areas for children’s recreation, sports grounds and parking spaces. Figures of people walking around the territory and parked cars look unusually realistic and perfectly complement the landscape of the entire “Elegant” residential development.
The illumination of the model deserves special attention. In their work, the professionals of the Gosmaket workshop used a light-scattering film that imitates glazed windows, as well as special black tape to achieve the effect of no light when using LEDs indoors.
The main goal was achieved – in front of you is aesthetically beautiful modern housing, a small copy of which was created at our workshop.


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