Treatment facilities

  • Scale: 1:25
  • Dimensions: 1200х1700 mm

Before you is an interactive model of the “Wastewater Treatment Plant”, made strictly according to the terms of reference of the Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant “Kupol”. The main task of the large-scale structure shown in our model is modern wastewater treatment using sulfate-reducing bacteria. The model is made on a scale of 1:25, with dimensions of 1200×1700 mm.

Two types of illumination, which can be controlled using 9 special buttons, as well as the models of pipelines themselves, with a diameter of 2 to 15 mm, form a single complex mechanism, in fact, providing the movement of precipitation, the supply of reagents, ozone and liquid from the cultivator to the bio-tanks. The back of the mockup is made of silver. Here you can see the name of the layout, as well as the logos of the Kupol plant itself and the Almaz-Antey concern, which includes the plant.

The very painstaking and detailed work of our specialists met the expectations of the customer! The model of the “Wastewater Treatment Plant” was adequately presented at the exhibition (Russian Investment Forum 2019, Sochi), despite the transportation of more than 2000 kilometers.


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