The interactive model of Gosfilmofond of Russia

  • Composite scale: 1:400, 1:150, 1:75
  • Dimensions: 3000х2000 mm

The “Gosfilmofond of Russia” model, which dimensions are 3000х2000 mm, is a collection of numerous buildings of the national film archive of the Russian Federation. During eight weeks 6 specialists of the “Gosmaket” workshop were doing a great job – they built a detailed model, the components of which have different levels of design complexity.

The second floor of the five-story digital storage building is shown in cutaway. This floor was chosen for the demonstration of the interior, since films go here through the main stages of its processing. You can see the design of 12 separate study rooms, equipped with the miniature furniture necessary for work, as well as the figures of workers of the storage themselves. This part of the model is made at a scale of 1:75 and is interactive. When the lights in each room are sequentially turned on, video files are displayed on the screen, explaining in detail all the processes of film processing.

The main building of “Gosfilmofond” is made in red at a scale of 1: 150. There is also a backlight there, but it is static, in contrast to the permanent backlight in digital storage. The film storage building is another important building shown in the model. It reflects the real building as accurately as possible, but neither light nor dynamics are represented in this model.

Small light buildings, located along the perimeter of the Gosfilmofond territory are made at a scale of 1:400. They have a roof with two sloping surfaces and harmoniously complete the architectural ensemble of all buildings of the Russian national film archive.


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