The model of ski complex

  • Scale: 1:1600
  • Dimensions: 3000х2000х700 mm
  • Production period: 1 month

A model of the emerging all-season sports and recreation park in Vladikavkaz “Lysaya Gora”.
The impressiveness of the future project is evidenced by the scale of the manufactured model, which is 1: 1600. The planned area of Lysaya Gora is 200 hectares, so it was important for us to reflect the main buildings on a small copy of the park, which anyone could see from different sides.

The main task of the Lysaya Gora model is to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to the long-abandoned mountain area. The planning of the park in the city began a long time ago, but it has not yet been possible to bring the idea to life.

In the center of the “Lysaya Gora” model one can see a fortress, an amusement park, and a hippodrome, which are framed by natural mountain rivers and lakes. The cable-railway, an inseparable part of a contemporary multifunctional resort park, is accompanied by miniature funiculars and warm illuminated lanterns, which creates the feeling of a cozy snow resort.

The Gosmaket model workshop brought out the beauty of the mountainous terrain with handcrafted trees and rich green grass. The unique and unparalleled natural setting combined with comfortable buildings creates the impression of a harmonious modern complex located in the bosom of nature.

A miniaturized model of the Lysaya Gora park was made specifically for demonstration at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum and was personally presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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