Architectural models

A miniature volumetric prototype of a building allows you to capture with a glance what is inaccessible to a person in ordinary life, namely, to consider a future or existing building and the adjacent territory from any convenient viewing angle.

The architectural layout allows investors and developers to present their idea or service in as much detail as possible, and to help buyers and consumers make a decision by visually evaluating the proposal. Exhibition, attracting clients, training, raising the company’s image and status – our workshop makes architectural models for any purpose.

The main material used is hard plastic with a thickness of 1-2mm. To simulate glazing, materials such as PET, plexiglass, light-scattering film are used. Complex or miniature elements are made using 3D printing. Depending on the individual characteristics of the building, the scale and the desired appearance, the front part of the facades is either engraved and painted, or covered with a colored sticker. All parts are designed on a computer in accordance with the working drawings of the object, after which they are cut out on the machine. The last link in this chain is our mock-ups, who manually assemble the parts and achieve the final result.

Dynamic and static interior lighting is often used to grab attention and achieve a more dramatic appearance. Its use increases the attractiveness of the product by 50%.

Over the six years of its existence, our workshop has implemented more than 300 various architectural models. One of the striking examples is the project of the residential complex “On the street. Vasenko “from the Republic of Mordovia. The model was created to represent the Mordovia Mortgage Corporation at the exhibition. The model has maximum detail, detailed interpretation of all carved elements on the facades, rich entourage and a short implementation period – 4 weeks. The building wants to be viewed, it attracts attention and evokes emotions – and this is the main thing that we focus on when creating layouts.